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Custom Equipment:

First Choice DME will customize your medical equipment to fit you!

First Choice DME can repair and customize any piece of medical equipment for patients with special needs.  Many times patients with specific needs can not operate a normal wheelchair, mobility chair, hospital bed or other equipment.  First Choice DME helps these patients. 

We take pride in our ability to matching high-end custom equipment for individuals with paralysis or other special needs that make it difficult to operate a regular piece of equipment.  Whether high-end rehabilitation equipment, pressure reducing or vehicle modifications, First Choice DME will provide the best customization for pediatrics, geriatrics and bariatrics patients.

After reviewing the Letter of Medical Necessity, First Choice DME will evaluate the patient’s condition and ability to operate their medical equipment.

Once the physician completes the letter of medical necessity and recommends the type of medical equipment needed, First Choice DME will properly assess the patient’s condition in order to provide the best suited equipment for the patient’s needs.  We will thoroughly evaluate the patient’s ability to operate a certain piece of equipment and recommend modifications best suited for the patient. 

First Choice DME also offers monthly service repairs, should the patient need continued adjusting or servicing on their piece of equipment.